About Charlie
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Hi! I'm Charlie, I work in technology. Currently exploring new ideas. Previously cofounded Clearco and Hemingly.

Mostly spend my time between Toronto and San Francisco. Avid gamer and enjoy building things. I advise and invest in startups in areas of new product development and fintech/credit and risk models.

Talks (Podcast/Interviews):

I'm passionate on topics of fintech, ecommerce, web3 and future of work.

You can also find me on Twitter and Substack. All thoughts are my own.


I angel invest in ecommerce, fintech, saas, AI/ML + number of other spaces.

Mostly in fintech, AI/ML, and tools that empower founders like: On Deck, EvenUp, Airbase, AbstractOps, Almanac, Fingo, Float, BuildMemo to name a few.

Occasionally in other spaces I am passionate about such as computer vision, biotech, and deep tech like: Merlin, Pear Bio, Lilia, Power as examples.